Liquor 4 Less gets extra hour

A George Town Liquor Store has been granted some extra opening time from the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman following repeated applications and subsequent refusals previously.

Businessman Stanley Panton and his brother Prentice of Liquor 4 Less, 7 Shedden Road, succeeded in being granted an extra hour of morning business each day following the quarterly meeting of the Board at Custom’s Headquarters Thursday.

The brothers have been granted permission to open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, rather than from 10am as had been the case up to now.

The brothers had already been denied six times on previous applications for a variation of the Package licence to extend their hours in the evening time beyond 7pm.

Speaking at Thursday’s meeting, Mr. Panton said there were continuous requests from customers for the store to have longer opening hours. He stays there until 10pm most evenings doing orders and cleaning up, he said, and there is a constant pulling on the door to get in. ‘I know for a fact the service is desirable as we witness it every day,’ he said.

In the mornings residents have been turned away before 10am, he said, and even tourists have walked up as far as Liquor 4 Less to get the best prices, Mr. Panton said, noting he had to tell them he could not open until 10am. ‘They seem baffled as to why that is as some in town open at 9am,’ he said.

Commenting that tourists are not the customer base of Liquor 4 Less, Mr. Panton said he was simply pointing to the demand being there for the extra opening time.

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