Aqua Beach probation lifted

Aqua Beach Bar and Restaurant has had its probation lifted by the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

The popular Seven Mile Beach night-spot had been placed under probation by the Board following a previous Liquor Licensing Board meeting in September when complaints from Regal Beach Club residents concerning loud music and noise from the bar were outlined.

However, at Thursday’s quarterly meeting, following a review of the probation period for the bar, the Board saw fit to lift it.

Mr. Ray Welds (owner) and Mr. Christian Sorensen (licence holder) outlined that communication had been taking place between the bar and its neighbours from Regal Beach across the road.

Mr. Sorensen said that Mr. Norman Parsons had been the only resident still complaining following the Board’s last meeting, and most recently the General Manager Marlene Bodden had informed them that Mr. Parsons does not currently have a problem with regard to the noise.

Since the last Liquor Licensing Board meeting Aqua Beach has gotten rid of its big speakers and turned its other speakers inwards and placed limiters on the sound system to keep noise levels down, Mr. Welds said.

He outlined that on October 18 he was informed that one resident, Mr. Norman Parsons, was still complaining and communication opened up between Mr. Parsons and Mr. Welds, in which Mr. Welds told the Regal Beach Resident to call if he had complaints. He heard nothing from Mr. Parsons after that. On 4 November Mr. Welds said he called Mr. Parsons to see if he and the Liquor Inspector could get into his apartment that night to test the level of noise, because Aqua Beach was having a live band that night. Mr. Parsons said he did not want to be part of this, but he would call if he had any complaints. He subsequently said he had no noise problems, which was also confirmed by Ms Bodden, Mr. Welds explained.

Liquor Inspector Donald Green said 10 October was the last time Mr. Parsons had called him and that evening he visited Aqua Beach and went by Mr. Parsons’ apartment but did not find it noisy. When he spoke to Mr. Parsons about this he said the noise level had gone down after he had called Mr. Green.

The Liquor Inspector also told the board that he has visited the premises once or twice during each week and he had not found the music out of line.

Another complaint about noise disturbance had come to Aqua Beach about a Wednesday night, but there is no music on Wednesday nights, Mr. Welds said.

Chief Inspector George Watson did have one complaint of loud music from Aqua Beach on Saturday, 30 September and a disturbance from a man creating a nuisance there on 3 November in which he had refused to leave the bar.

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