Flitters or fritters?

The North Side Primary School fish fry on Friday night not only raised money but it may also have helped solve an island-wide question.

The fish dinners included delicious circles of fried dough, leading inevitably to the issue: are such delicacies called flitters or fritters?

John Smith, president of the district PTA, did the cooking toward the end of the evening, so he seemed to be a likely source of information.

But Mr. Smith just smiled and agreed with a variation of the old George Town joke – ‘We don’t pronounce them, we just eat them.’

The next morning, North Side librarian Blonice Whittaker was approached on the topic.

Mrs. Whittaker cited an impeccable source – her grandmother. She said Rosanna Ebanks had explained the facts long ago. The regular flour dough when cooked becomes flitters. But when a pinch of sugar is added, the final product is fritters.

Either way, they’re delicious.

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