East End student wins spelling bee

East End Primary student Japhia Augustine captured the Royal Bank Spelling Bee trophy, outshining her peers at the junior-level spelling competition with a score of 17 points.

At last week’s event, the new champion was closely trailed by Felicia Connor of Truth for Youth, with 16 points. After a tense spell-off, an excited Anthony Rivers of Creek/Spot Bay broke a tie with Brittany Thompson of Prospect Primary to take third place, with 15 points, said a press release.

Words like ambidextrous, rhetoric and chameleon challenged the children, who were guided by spellmaster Lydia Warren before a panel of judges, and a supportive audience.

School principals, staff and classmates, as well as relatives of the students and Royal Bank management and staff, supported the children’s efforts.

The primary students were rewarded with an array of prizes, including a laptop computer for the winner, trophies and books.

Prospect Primary emerged as the top overall school in the Royal Bank Spelling Bee, with its team earning 74 points, followed by Bodden Town Primary with 73 points and Creek/Spot Bay – which has held the school trophy for the past two years – with 72 points.

These annual spelling bees are coordinated by the Education Department, with the support and sponsorship of the private sector. Awards were presented by Chief Education Officer Nyda Flatley and Royal Bank’s Vice President/Country Manager Harry Chisholm.

The bank has spearheaded this event for the past nine years.

Congratulating the winners and thanking all involved, Mrs. Flatley said, ‘It has been a pleasure to witness this, and the many other spelling bee competitions over the years. Regardless of their areas of interest, all children can, and should be encouraged to, develop their verbal and literacy skills, for therein lies the key to their entire education.’

Senior Education Officer Herbert Crawford said the spelling bees have become a much-anticipated fixture of the annual schools’ curriculum.

‘I would like school officials to encourage students to continue working on their spelling, as they prepare for next year’s competition,’ he noted.

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