Pensions office wins case

Edward Steve McLaughlin has pleaded guilty to four counts of failing to provide information to the Superintendent of Pensions.

He was fined $2,600 and given one week to pay or face two months in prison.

He acknowledged in Summary Court receiving the first letter from the National Pensions Office requesting pension information in 2003.

Defence Attorney Delroy Murray said McLaughlin passed this letter and a second one to a manager to deal with.

Another notice was received in June 2004. McLaughlin admitted receiving it, but said he forgot about it. His attorney laid part of the blame on McLaughlin’s forgetfulness the arrival of Hurricane Ivan in September that year.

Later, McLaughlin received a fourth notice and started discussions but did not follow through, his attorney acknowledged.

Mr. Murray said McLaughlin initially pleaded not guilty on the basis that he was a shareholder in the company Caristef Construction and Heavy Equipment.

After it was determined he was director of the company and fell within the scope of the law, McLaughlin entered his guilty pleas.