Get ready to snow ski in Grand Cayman

World Gym, Grand Cayman is set to launch a new Sports Specific Group Training program for 2007. The first program to be introduced this coming January will be the Downhill Skiing Series.

Downhill Skiing Series

Before you tackle the slopes consider getting in shape with a program designed for skiing. Photo: AP

World Gym’s team of NASM certified trainers are well equipped to put their functional training expertise into good use. Each program will incorporate exercises, nutrition assistance and the focus necessary to not only help clients get in better shape but to enhance those abilities necessary to improve their performance on the slopes.

If you’re new to skiing you may find that it involves muscles you never knew you had (until the next day). Part of what makes skiing fun is the fact that you can only do it at certain times of the year, though that’s also what makes it dangerous even for the avid skier. You can’t practice skiing before the season (especially in Cayman), so you want be ready to enjoy a long weekend of fresh powder and not in pain by the second day!

To avoid spending your vacation in pain, and be able to show off your new-found skills and agility, take some time to prepare your body before your trip. The World Gym Downhill Skiing Series is a six week program that begins the second week of January. The training groups will meet three times a week in three different groups at various times. There is a limit of five participants per group so participants should sign up early to reserve a spot.

Contact Katie Donnelly at World Gym for more information, 949-5132 or [email protected].

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