Poll: Most have artificial Christmas trees

Nearly half of the respondents of the latest caycompass.com online poll reported that they will have an artificial Christmas tree this year.

Of the 247 people who responded to the poll, 115 (46.6 per cent) said they’d have an artificial tree.

‘In today’s economy, I’ll keep the tree I had for the past five years,’ said one respondent. ‘It works and looks great. Why spend extra every Christmas?’

Some respondents didn’t like the idea of killing trees.

‘Let the Cayman trees keep growing,’ commented one person.

One person said they were having a tree made out of driftwood.

Another respondent said real trees create more problems for allergy sufferers.

There was some bitterness in some responses.

‘A very small [artificial tree] as I don’t want to spend $300 – $400 on a tree when I may be rolled over,’ said one person.

‘I’m kind of feeling bah humbug, actually,’ said another respondent.

Fifty-eight respondents (23.5 per cent) said they would have a real tree, with 15 of those people saying it would be a Cayman tree and 43 people saying it would be a real tree from overseas.

‘It’s far too expensive, it’s unfriendly to the environment, it’s a fire hazard and it’s messy with dropping needles, but it’s one of the few ways I, as an expat, feel I can have a traditional Christmas while living in the tropics,’ said one person.

‘We have two trees; one from overseas and our local tree as well,’ said another respondent.

Of the 51 people (20.6 per cent) who said they were not having a Christmas tree at all, cost seemed to be the big issue.

‘I can’t afford one,’ said one person.

‘I cannot afford to pay the customs duty fees,’ said another respondent.

Another 23 people (9.3 per cent) said they do not celebrate Christmas.