Today’s Editorial December 14: Kudos to National Pensions Office

Score one for the hard working folks at the National Pensions Office.

After much hard work and due diligence they were successful in getting an employer convicted.

The employer pleaded guilty to failing to provide information the Pension’s office had requested.

He’ll have to pay $2,600 for ignoring the requests.

And that’s only fitting.

The Government has mandated that employers work with the National Pensions Office to ensure employees will have money set aside to live on when they retire.

Employers who don’t live up to the law are, basically, cheaters and should be held accountable by the Pensions Office and the courts.

If an employee believes his employer isn’t paying into the Pensions fund and files a complaint with the Pensions Office, it is the duty of the Pensions staff to investigate and take action if warranted.

If employers won’t comply with requests from the Pensions Office staff they should be penalized.

All of us who work for a living depend on the National Pensions Office to make sure that our retirement money is properly paid in.

The Pensions staff should have our full support when it comes to requesting certain information from employers.

Employers should do all they can to comply with requests. Those who do will find that Pensions Office staff will work with them to rectify any situations.

The employer who pleaded guilty to failing to provide information got off cheap.

Those who continue to be non compliant face high fines and even possible jail time.

So congratulations to the Pensions Office staff for the successful win in court.

It publicly proves that the staff is truly looking out for private sector employees.

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