Loud music at Rackham’s irks neighbour

A complaint of loud music at Rackham’s Pub and Restaurant in George Town was heard by the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

The complaint was heard during the Board’s quarterly meeting at Custom’s Headquarters on 7 December and a decision is still pending with the Board.

Wilbur Thompson, who was making the complaint, said that a number of years ago Rackham’s opened and owners Handel Whittaker and Gene Thompson came to him and told him about it and they remained very good neighbours since.

However, recently a bandstand has been erected there and on Thursday nights there are live bands.

Mr. Thompson said he is one of the few residents still in the area of North Church Street. In one of his four bedrooms is a 91 year-old lady, and it is about 75 feet away from the stage.

He asked the Board if the situation could be rectified because he would like to live there until he decides to move, rather than feeling he is being pushed out.

He always thought Rackham’s was to play soft background music only, he said.

Mr. Thompson had spoken to Mr. Whittaker about the noise problem a few weeks back, and since then he hadn’t been around but his wife had and said it had gotten worse, he told the Board.

Although Rackham’s has turned the speakers backwards, the noise is still a problem, he said.

‘It’s no longer a restaurant. Now it’s a nightclub,’ Mr. Thompson commented.

Mr. Whittaker told the Board that he sold Rackham’s over a year ago but he has maintained the Liquor licence and Music and Dancing licence in his name until the purchaser has drawn up a lease for the new operators.

Mr. Whittaker ran Rackham’s for 15 years, he said.

However, he has spoken to management there about the problem and he was given an undertaking that the noise could be curtailed, he said.

He told the Board that they would shortly be receiving a letter from him asking that the licences be changed into someone else’s name.

‘But I will give the board an undertaking that everything will be done so the noise doesn’t become a nuisance to Mr. Thompson,’ he said.

Mr. Thompson asked the Board at what stage Rackham’s had changed from having restaurant music to music and dancing.

Chairman of the Board Mitchell Welds explained that Rackham’s has two licences, a Liquor licence and a Music and Dancing licence, and this means that the venue can have a live band if they wish to. However, if the nuisance continued for Mr. Thompson this may be something the board would have to look into, he said.

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