Six appointed to appeals commission

Governor Stuart Jack has announced the appointment of six people to the Civil Service Appeals Commission.

‘The establishment of an independent body to consider appeals by civil servants is a major enhancement of the personnel management arrangements of the Government,’ Mr. Jack said.

The move is part of the ongoing reform of Government personnel arrangements reflected in Public Service Management Law, 2005. Such legislation comes into force on January, 1 2007, according to a release issued on behalf of the Governor’s Office by GIS.

A key element of the changes is the delegation of greater authority to civil service managers to make personnel decisions, including greater freedoms to hire staff and set remuneration levels.

The Commission is a quasi-judicial body established under the Law. Its sole purpose is to consider and rule on appeals from civil servants about personnel decisions of their chief officer. The independence of the Commission is protected by various provisions in the Law.

The Commission appointments announced by the Governor are as follows.

Colin R. Ross has been appointed as the Commission’s chairman.

Mr. Ross recently retired as deputy head of the Civil Service and brings a unique blend of skills and attributes to the position. He has a deep understanding of the personnel reform and a detailed understanding of the purpose and role of the Commission.

Sharon Roulstone has been appointed as Deputy Chairman. A lawyer in private practice, Ms Roulstone is currently Chairperson for both the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company Ltd and the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands. She is a member of the current Public Service Commission and brings an understanding of the civil service environment and a legal perspective to the Commission.

The other commission members are Andrea Bryan, Richard Coles, Lemuel Hurlston and Jennifer Kaufman, the release added.

Ms Bryan retired as a chief officer in December 2005 and is now on contract with a local accounting firm as a business consultant. She brings a strong managerial background, a detailed understanding of the civil service environment, and a Sister Islands’ perspective to the Commission.

Mr. Coles is a lawyer and a Fellow of the Caribbean Law Institute. He is a previous attorney-general and currently has a local legal practice as well as being director of a number of companies. His brings a legal background as well as an understanding of the civil service environment to the Commission.

Mr. Hurlston is a retired chief secretary currently involved in a number of private sector ventures as well as serving on government boards. Mr. Hurlston brings a deep knowledge of civil service personnel practices to the Commission.

Ms Kaufman is the manager of a local custom brokerage firm and an international courier company and has extensive private sector managerial experience. Ms Kaufman is a member of the current Public Service Commission and brings continuity from the PSC, and an understanding of the reform to the Commission.

In announcing the appointments, the Governor said: ‘the Civil Service Appeals Commission has an exceptionally important role to play in the Government’s new personnel management system. The Commission is a key safeguard in ensuring that the personnel authorities delegated to civil service managers are used in an appropriate manner.’

The Governor said that having ‘a Commission of highly competent, demonstrably ethical and widely respected members is essential to the overall effectiveness of the new personnel arrangements.

‘I am delighted that six persons of such high calibre are prepared to serve the Government, and indeed the country, in this capacity,’ he added.

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