Today’s Editorial December 15: Stay prepared for all disasters

Still trying to think of things to put on your Christmas wish list?

How about a generator?

Or a new high powered flashlight?

Ask for a couple of cases of water.

Do these seem like strange Christmas gifts?

They aren’t in the Cayman Islands.

Our lengthy power outage Wednesday night and an earthquake drill Thursday helped remind us that we always need to be prepared for disaster, not just during hurricane season.

While it may sound a bit silly to ask for the above mentioned items from Old Saint Nick, it really makes some sense.

The power outage that left much of Grand Cayman in the dark for the better part of three hours caused many people to crank their trusty generators, kept on hand mainly for hurricanes.

Those in the throws of darkness quickly realized that without power they couldn’t fix dinner, run the air conditioner, flush toilets or run water, among other things.

It was a reminder of what we went through after Hurricane Ivan when power was off for days and in some cases, months.

And lest you drop your guard because hurricane season is over, remember that our little country has borne the brunt of hurricanes in the month of December.

Disasters and freak storms can happen at any time of the year.

The hurricane drill was to remind us that we’re also along a fault under the sea and subject to shake ups at any time. It happened two years ago on 14 December when a 6.8 trembler literally sent shock waves through many of us.

A major earthquake could leave us in pretty much the same situation as Ivan – downed buildings, no power, no water, impassable roads – devastation.

So while it may sound silly to ask for items to restock your hurricane preparedness kit, it isn’t.

The best advice this Christmas season? Be prepared.