Remember the season’s reason

The Caymanian Compass is indeed to be commended for its best practice policy of insisting that the letters they publish carry the writers’ names.

The general principle is that a message should be attached to its progenitor by visible ties of accountability. I would like to recommend accordingly when we send holiday greetings we similarly make sure that such greetings are visibly attached to what has given rise to the season or the holiday in the first place.

It is a fact of history that in the Cayman Islands (and indeed in very many countries throughout the world), the season and the holidays have come about because of Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and not anything else.

Therefore, to refer to these anonymously, refusing to name their progenitor through not wanting to appear to promote one religion over others for diplomacy’s sake, is not only contrary to best practice but a denial of our inheritance and an implicit attack upon our historical identity.

I call upon hotels and banks and other commercial institutions in the Cayman Islands to conform their greetings to our identity and inheritance; for we are their hosts.

I call upon all government departments to do likewise; for they are charged to be in our service.

Those who send out Merry Christmas have a blessing that is withheld from those who broadcast anonymous Happy Holidays.

A Merry Christmas, then, to all, to those of all faiths and those of none.

All are invited to the feast. All too, I am convinced, will willingly respect it. And those banks and hotels and government departments and other institutions that allowed in the Grinch of anonymity in this and former years, may I lovingly counsel and request to think again in 2007.

The Rev. Nicholas Sykes

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