Cocaine found at GC airport

Customs officials at Owen Roberts International Airport recently stopped a passenger carrying cocaine from travelling to Miami.

The un-named passenger was ticketed on a Cayman Airways flight.

Mr .Bruce Smith, assistant collector of Customs and CNET head, said the man was attempting to pass through outgoing security when he was stopped. Security personnel recovered one tape-wrapped package from the man’s pants pocket and alerted Customs, which detaining the individual.

CNET officers conducted a thorough search of the man and found a second tape-wrapped package strapped to his thigh.

‘As this matter represents the exportation of a controlled drug, it is clear that increased efforts, coupled with adequate resources for Customs are vital to stem the flow of illegal substances imported into the Cayman Islands,’ Mr. Smith said.

Once the controlled drug is distributed at street level, the damage is done; a reactionary response may be too late, he said.

‘A proactive stance – incorporating careful planning, intelligence support, suitable local resources and cooperation from other law enforcement agencies and the public – is vital to any degree of control,’ he said.

He said the situation had the potential to severely impact the reputation of people travelling from Cayman into the United States had the man been apprehended by US authorities.

Investigations are continuing.

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