Drivers test will change

The Department of Vehicle Licensing will introduce revised written examinations on 15 January, replacing the written examinations that have been in place for the last 10 years.

Questions on the revised examination will specifically test applicants’ knowledge of the Traffic Law (2003 Revision) and Regulations (2002 Revision), and will also focus on current traffic and driving issues.

The public should prepare for the examinations by knowing the following laws and regulations:

• The Traffic Law (2003 Revision) and Traffic Regulations (2002 Revision); and

• The Official Road Code booklet.

All of these may be purchased from the Legislative Department, located at the Legislative Assembly Building on Fort Street, George Town.

If the Official Road Code booklet is unavailable, applicants may purchase from Hobbies and Books, for $10 each, a local-driving instructional booklet. This booklet will assist them with studying road signs that are outlined in the Official Road Code. However, the instructional booklet should be supplemented with the Laws and Regulations, states a press release.

Department officials strongly advise applicants to prepare for the written tests in the proper manner, and to not waste time or money by studying copies of past examinations. They also emphasise that security measures are in place to ensure the integrity of the examination process; these measures include periodic updates of the written examination.

Officials have also revised the departmental procedures regarding the written examination process. They are as follows:

• Appointments should be made in person at the Walkers Road location. Identification documents of the applicant must be presented;

• To avoid paying another appointment fee, applicants must cancel or reschedule appointments with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice;

• Applicants should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled appointments, in order to fill out all necessary paperwork;

• Applicants should take their official government receipt, appointment card, and passport or other identification documents, as well as a pen (blue or black ink only). Please note that talking with other applicants will not be permitted in the examination room, and cell phones or additional items/documents will not be allowed in the examination room;

• The examination period is 30 minutes. Written examinations will be offered each Friday, unless otherwise publicised.

Once the examination is complete, applicants will be instructed to return as follows:

• For examinations conducted in the morning, the applicants will receive their results in the afternoon of the same day; and

• For examinations conducted in the afternoon, the applicants will receive their results the following day.

In both instances, the applicants must produce some form of identification to receive their results.

• The written examination will be offered in English only; the official language of the Cayman Islands; and

• If anyone is suspected of cheating, either before or during the examination, the matter will be investigated. During the investigation he or she will be barred from taking, continuing or retaking the examination for a period determined by department officials.

In exceptional circumstances only, department staff will assist people who require appointments outside of the normal schedule. These requests must be made in writing to the supervisor of driving examinations.

Requests for oral examinations must also be submitted in writing. In these cases, the examiner will read the questions and the listed responses. The applicant will then be required to select and circle the correct answers on a multiple-choice answer sheet.

For more information, contact the department on 945-8344.

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