CIFA Caytech Women’s League 2005/2006 Award Ceremony

The CIFA Caytech Women’s League held their Annual Women Awards Presentation CeremonySaturday December 16, 2006,residences of Mr. Simon Robshaw.

The awards presentation proceeded as follows:

2005/2006 League Zone ChampionsFUTURE SC
2005/2006 League RunnerFUTURE SC
2005/2006 League ChampionsELITE SC
2005/2006 FA Cup Runner-UpELITE SC
2005/2006 FA Cup ChampionsSUNSET FC
Most Improved PlayerGabriela Watler SCHOLARS INTERNATIONAL
Rookie of the YearJanee Welcome � LATINAS FC
Goalkeeper of the YearJudy Rivers � FUTURE SC
Defender of the YearSophie Dilbert � SUNSET FC
Leading Goal ScorerShenel Gall � FUTURE SC
Player of the YearShenel Gall � FUTURE SC

Shenelle Gall received an IPod 30GBof Caytech Electronics forthe Leading Goal Scorer and Player of the Year award and Sandra McLean of Latinas was the lucky winner of an IPod 30GB.

Shenel Gal poses with Simon Robshaw

Shenel Gall (left) poses with sponsor Simon Robshaw (right) after being awarded Player of the Year.

Mr. Robshaw declared on his speech that “ladies football is getting better in quality by the season. Everybody shows their commitment and not only the players, but also the coaches and teams are responsible for making a contribution to make the League grow every year. It is up to all of us involved to carry the level of the game up every season. I want also to take the opportunity to wish everybody at CIFA and the Women’s Committee a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

CIFA’s General Secretary, Mr. Bruce Blake, thanked Mr. Robshaw for his continued support of women football within the Cayman Islands and said that his contribution was priceless in terms of its positive effect on the lives of young women participating in football. “Mr. Robshaw has taken an interest in the development of women football within the Cayman Islands and for this we owe him a debt of gratitude. He has demonstrated that he is genuinely concerned about our youth and through his sponsorship of women football he is endeavoring to do his part’.

Special thanks to Ms. Merta Day from the Department of Youth & Sports, Pastor Martin Royer, Jamesette Anglin and the members of the CIFA Women’s Committee.

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