CITCO promotes team building

CITCO Fund Services’ entire management and staff recently took advantage of the American thanksgiving holiday to close shop, head to the beach and do work of another kind.

The purpose of the afternoon was to get out of the office and have some fun, all the while learning about the challenges and rewards of effective team work.

CITCO Fund Services’ Extreme Team Building event, facilitated by The Wellness Centre, was designed to provide an outdoors team building experience for the whole staff, said a press release.

‘The event was an interesting and entertaining way to learn about teamwork outside of the office setting,’ said Tim Woolaver, one of CITCO Fund Services’ Senior Account Managers.

‘I definitely think that everyone who participated benefited in some way.’

Despite high waves and overcast skies, the afternoon event was a great success. Teams moved through a series of events that relied on their ability to communicate, trust, lead and follow – all critical elements to the success of any team.

Team events are designed to allow everyone to participate at a level that makes them comfortable. As with all successful teams, it’s not important that everyone does the same thing; it’s important that everyone does something for their team. And all 72 employees most certainly did something.

With team flags proudly flying along seven mile beach, the energy and excitement was so contagious that even a gathering of curious tourists and local beach goers stopped to cheer the CITCO teams along.

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