Prison gets new officers

Under the supervision of Her Majesty’s Prison’s Training Officer Dave Hart, six recruits recently graduated after successfully completing a nine-week intensive training course, and they are now HMP’s newest prison officers.

The Friday, 8 December graduation ceremony, described as a commencement exercise by Director of Prisons Dwight Scott, was a combination of both conventional and unconventional events. The evening, which commenced traditionally with speeches, was later followed by a series of demonstrations from the graduates.

Through various role plays, they displayed what they learned in terms of using disciplinary, counselling and advisory tactics when dealing with prisoners.

According to Mr. Hart, ‘It is important for a prison officer to know how to advise and educate prisoners, so that prisoners have a better chance of getting jobs on the outside.’

Other demonstrations included a display of assertiveness, to illustrate that prison officers can ‘work with prisoners and still show a sense of control,’ as well as control and restraint, which is ‘used as a last resort,’ continued Mr. Hart.

Graduate Michael Lee spoke of how proud the team was to be part of the prison family. ‘We are going to be proactive in our jobs, and will maintain our training in order to be exemplary officers,’ he said.

Commissioner of Corrections and Rehabilitation William Rattray congratulated the graduates, adding, ‘By providing opportunities for rehabilitation we achieve correctional excellence, which makes Cayman a safer place.’