Pets, fireworks don’t mix

With the festive season upon us, residents of the Cayman Islands like nothing better than to celebrate with a firework display.

But please spare a thought for your pets, your neighbours pets and local livestock.

Most animals are terrified of the loud bangs, noises and bright dazzling lights of fireworks and will injure themselves, or worse, trying to flee the vicinity where fireworks are discharged.

Animals feel fear and will go to great lengths to run away from a perceived threat like fireworks, running in to traffic, becoming lost and disorientated, even strangulating themselves on their own tethers.

Please keep dogs and cats safely indoors during the evenings and night-time, although this will not eradicate their fear and fearful behaviour, it will keep them from injuring themselves outside and provide them with a comfortable safe haven.

If you are planning on a firework party please inform your neighbours so they too can take sensible precautions to keep their own pets safe.

Do not light fireworks where animals are tethered, and livestock owners are advised to move their animals away from residential areas.

If you have a pet who you know has firework anxiety speak to your veterinarian for advice.

Spare a thought for others this Christmas, both two legged and four legged, and we will all enjoy the season happily, and safely, together.

Clare Hasart
Board of Directors
Cayman Islands Humane Society

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