Texaco backs Crisis Centre

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, with the financial support of Chevron Caribbean Inc., operating under its Texaco brand in the Cayman Islands, is in the midst of producing a resource manual for teacher’s aimed at assisting with the identification and appropriate reporting of child abuse and neglect.

‘Texaco is pleased to have been able to assist the Cayman Islands Crisis Center with the development of the resource manual for teachers as we truly believe in the important role they play in the protection of our children,’ said Armando Vegas, CCI’s retail district manager in the Cayman Islands.

According to Shannon Seymour, vice chairman of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, this resource will be an invaluable tool in the efforts to support children who are victims of child abuse.

‘Teacher’s spend more time with our children than anyone else. A teacher knows what is going on in the lives of their student, and students trust their teachers,’ said Ms Seymour. ‘Because of this important relationship it is critical that teachers understand abuse, are aware of warning signs, and equipped with tools to effectively respond. We cannot expect our teachers to do more than they are already doing in this effort if we are not willing to provide them with the tools they need.’

The manual, being prepared by the Crisis Centre’s Community Outreach Programme Coordinator Carol Graham, will be available to all teachers – both governmental and private – with the hopes that the schools will welcome the assistance of the Crisis Centre.

‘As community outreach coordinator my role is to provide education about abuse in our community. I see child abuse and neglect as an extension of Domestic Violence with many children who report being victims of abuse, have also been witness to domestic violence in their homes.’

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