Rotarians get first-hand account of war in Iraq

Captain Benjamin Moody, a cavalry regiment officer with the British army and boyfriend to Emma Paterson, recently returned from a second tour of duty in Iraq.

Capt. Moody

Capt. Moody in the field. Photo: Submitted

He gave a power point presentation to a capacity audience at a recent Rotary Sunrise breakfast meeting at Grand Old House, said a press release from the club.

He described day-to-day life on the ground, sometimes living in tents and dodging mortar and small arm sniper attacks. He said roadside bombs, suicide attacks and trying to understand and anticipate the next move with a sophisticated, well-funded and determined enemy is nearly impossible – a conflict unlike any other in previous military experience.

Communication is difficult. Anyone with a smattering of English is pressed into service as an interpreter and this causes all sorts of problems, he noted.

Cultural differences are immense and he emphasised the tremendous respect earned by some groups, notably the Bedouins.

Mr. Moody is a regular army officer. He attended Birmingham University and gained a degree in outdoor leisure management and was an Outward Bound instructor.

Born in Paderborn, Germany, from a military family, he attended Sandhurst before commissioning into The Queen’s Royal Hussars. He described in detail the part played by the serving troops and their dedication to the formidable task at hand.

The presentation from someone who was recently on the ground experiencing the day-to-day action and trauma was quite unlike the sometimes sanitised and spin laden news-reel versions, the release noted.


Rotary Sunrise is the newest Rotary club in Grand Cayman. It has 83 members, mostly young professionals from Cayman and 15 other countries. The group meets for breakfast every Wednesday at the Grand Old House.