New tour operator targets Cayman

The Cayman Islands can look forward to welcoming a new nationality of visitor in 2007, thanks to a web-based dive tour operator that has begun trading from the Czech Republic.

Cayman Diving Adventures has been set up by Cayman-fan Jan Cerny, who lived on Grand Cayman for almost five years until 2005, explained a press release from the Department of Tourism.

‘Upon his return to the Czech Republic it occurred to him that there was an untapped tourist market for Cayman’s dive product not only out of his home country, but also from the surrounding countries of Hungary, Slovakia and beyond (now known geographically as ‘Central Europe’) all of whom enjoyed accession to the European Union in 2004.’

The Cayman Islands is the only destination to be featured by Cayman Diving Adventures ( which can be enjoyed in Czech and English currently, but is soon to be expanded to include its neighbours’ native languages, the release said.

Cayman Diving Adventures is being facilitated with brochures and information by the Cayman Islands’ regional European office, based in London.

‘Since its accession to the EU, the Czech Republic’s economy has been thriving, and along with their neighbours, the Czech people have been showing signs of getting the travel bug,’ said Regional Manager for the UK and Europe Don McDougall.

‘As these countries are all land-locked, the underwater appeal presented by a first class dive destination such as Cayman is not surprising.

‘We welcome this new enterprise and will do all we can to encourage visitors from this new market. We look forward to welcoming Jan’s clients to Cayman and wish him the very best with his new initiative.’