Ag staff honoured

Not even a power outage could dampen the spirits of the Department of Agriculture as they celebrated at their long service and staff appreciation awards ceremony at Pedro St. James on 13 December.

About an hour into the evening’s festivities there was a power outage in Savannah and the 100 guests were thrown into darkness.

Candles and torches were found to supply some ambient light and without the aid of a microphone the department went on to present nearly 30 employees with awards, states a press release.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts congratulated the employees.

‘You have all impressed me over the years with your dedication to your work and loyalty to the department and Government,’ he said.

Mr. Tibbetts noted the department’s diligence this year in facing the threat of the destructive plant pest, the Pink Hibiscus Mealybug.

‘Thankfully, you were prepared for this threat and were able to mobilize to control this pest and thereby protect our country from what could have cost millions of dollars to our economy,’ he said.

He also thanked other government departments, in particular DEH, Lands and Survey, MRCU and Computer Services who contributed to the control strategy.

Employees who received long service awards are as follows:

Five years: Philip Campbell, Audley Chambers, Raymond Coleman, Richard Fraser, Samuel St. Marie, Linda McPeek-Ebanks, Theophilus Pencil, Desmond Scott and Sherrydale Whittaker.

Ten years: Franklin Hinds, Sharon Davis, Clint Myrie, Carol Levy, Pedro Agurcia, Nivel Ebanks, Franklin Brown, Jason Berry and Hermenegildo Santamaria.

Fifteen years: Dr. Alfred Benjamin, Judith Ebanks-Oyog, Norman Ellis, Monty Bailey, Adrian Estwick.

Twenty years: Froylan Antunez, Anthony Martin and Ian Terry.

Twenty-five years: Melvin McFarlane.

Thirty years: Chester Dixon and Telford Miller.