Some drivers idiots

I would like to commend the Mr. Arden McLean and the National Roads Authority for the recent work carried out on North Sound Road between the junction of Shedden Road and the Butterfield Roundabout.

I am also glad to see that the police will be targeting those who violate the rules at the junction of North Sound Road by A.L. Thompson’s.

It seems that every time I drive through that section of the road, someone is violating the rules.

Just recently at 12.15pm, the height of midday traffic, cars trying to turn right into A.L. Thompson’s had to wait while a car came out of Sound Way and crossed over to Portland Road. He effectively crossed five lanes of traffic to do this.

What an idiot!

Maybe the solution is a video monitoring system that records all activity at the junction, which is then reviewed the next day, and tickets issued.

I can’t see where it would be that costly or complicated to implement.

It would negate the need for an officer to be at the scene and it would be a 24-hour-a-day deterrent.

I suspect that it would become a healthy source of revenue until violators realise that it’s going to cost them to continue what they’re doing.

Lyndhurst Bodden