Mail posting time changes

The Cayman Islands Postal Service has changed the deadline for same-day dispatch for Air Mail to 9am to meet both flight schedules and Cayman Islands Civil Aviation Authority requirements.

Local mail next-day-delivery time remains at 10am.

For future mail service to be effective if your mail must leave Grand Cayman on the same day you post it, you will have to drop to it off at the Airport Post Office by 9am. Air Mail posted at the district post offices, including the General Post Office, after that time will be dispatched overseas the next day.

Express Mail Service and Registered Mail close at 8.30am. Airline flight schedules do not allow for the dispatch of mail to the United Kingdom or the Bahamas on Mondays and Thursdays; to Jamaica on Mondays and Fridays; or to Barbados or Trinidad on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is also no dispatch of mail to the Sister Islands on Saturdays because mail is not screened on Saturday.

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