Driver’s exam changed

The Department of Vehicle and Driver’s Licensing has begun administering a revised version of its written examination.

Persons preparing for this exam should review the following documents:

• Official Road Code Booklet: This should be used to review traffic signs and the general duties of a driver.

• Traffic Law (2003 Revision), specifically:

Part I – all definitions;

Part 2 – registration and licensing of vehicles (sections 6 -19);

Part 3 – licensing of drivers of vehicles (sections 21- 39);

Part 5 – construction and use of vehicles and equipment (sections 53 – 57);

Part 6 – control of road users (sections 59 – 95, with special attention paid to section 82 regarding ticket offences); and

Part 7 – control of traffic (sections 98, 103 and 105 -108).

• Traffic Regulations (2002 Revision): Sections 1 – 20, and 23 – 25.

This material is available for purchase from the Legislative Assembly.

The cost is $13.60 for the Traffic Law (2003 Revision) and $8 for the Traffic Regulations (2002 Revision).

An additional 20-cents is required for each page of amendment inserts provided.

If the Official Road Code Booklet is not available, a local driving instructional booklet, about relevant road signs can be purchased for $10 from Hobbies & Books.


For more information about the new driver’s licensing written examination, call the department at 945-8344.