Ogier helps Meals on Wheels

Ogier recently donated $1,000 to the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman’s community outreach programme, Meals on Wheels, to help the programme to continue to provide a daily hot meal to those in need.

Meals on Wheels programme

Caroline Key of Ogier assists Rotary member Austin Harris with the Meals on Wheels programme. Photo: Submitted

The money was raised through the Ogier Dress Down Day scheme whereby staff contribute each week for the privilege of dressing casually on a Friday.

In addition to the funds raised, Caroline Key, business development and marketing assistant, accompanied the Rotary Club on a Meals on Wheels lunch-run to help distribute meals amongst the community.

‘The Meals on Wheels programme offers meaningful assistance to the community and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the programme,’ she said. ‘Having seen the positive response it generates, I hope it continues to receive the necessary support to continue its humanitarian work.’

Meals on Wheels is a charitable organisation operated by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman with the assistance of the Government, and the T.E. McField Centre, where the meals are prepared.

The programme delivers approximately 100 meals five days a week. Sixty-five hot meals are delivered in George Town and 20 in the eastern districts five days a week and a three-day weekly schedule is maintained for 20 seniors in West Bay.

In 2006 the Meals on Wheels programme was projected to cost the club in excess of $120,000. In a recent meeting the Meals on Wheels directors have approved funding for providing lunches to primary school children. This programme has been organised in conjunction with Social Services, and will cost an additional $30,000 per year.

‘The Meals on Wheels programme satisfies a significant need in the community and we are grateful for the donation from Ogier,’ said Joey Hew, president of the Rotary Club Grand Cayman.

‘The recipients vary from those who need food to those who just need some fellowship. It is hoped that with the support from corporations such as Ogier, the Rotary Meals On Wheels can continue to provide at least one hot meal a day to those people in our communities who are most in need.’