Social studies comes alive

It has taken more than a year to complete, but the Middle School students of Triple C School have finally put the finishing touches on their very own interpretation of history.

Maria Sanchez and Krystal Jackson

Maria Sanchez and Krystal Jackson identify the English Channel on the massive wall map. Photo: Submitted

Making history come alive in this way is the brainchild of Mr. Bob Lankford, their social studies teacher last year, who directed the project.

Students were encouraged to look at various eras of history, identify a few salient points and attempt to tell a story through art.

With expert guidance from Mrs. Annami Blom, Triple C’s Art teacher, students drew, traced, and painted chosen scenes that evoke history in a meaningful way to anyone walking into the room.

The students commented, ‘It was a lot of fun. We loved the art work, and it helped us to remember events and relate them to other events in history.’

Mr. Lankford, expressed ‘I am very proud of these students. They were creative, committed and energetic about the project.’

Complementing the Wall of History, is a wall map of the world some 25 feet wide by eight feet high where students can examine the world on a grand scale.

‘Both history and geography have come alive for the students with these types of stimuli in the room,’ says Ms Bramwell, the present Social Studies teacher. ‘History is more than dates and events. It is feelings and emotions too. The students’ wall bears that out.’