Omnibus survey on its way

Tower Marketing is putting the final touches on its second Omnibus Survey, which gives clients insights into consumer behaviour across a wide range of areas.

The survey, first launched in August, achieved a milestone target of 1,000 respondents, making it the largest such survey carried out in the Cayman Islands.

The survey provides results for a set of core demographic questions focusing on topics ranging from age groups, Internet usage, lifestyle habits, and education levels among others.

It also includes privately purchased questions from businesses.

‘The first survey was a huge success and this time around, the interest in purchasing questions has increased significantly as people were able to see the valuable information garnered from the first one. Many of our clients who booked questions in the first survey have reported that they found it very helpful in making better marketing decisions,’ said Lynne Byles, managing director of Tower Marketing.

Clients can book confidential questions about how the market perceives their products or even those of their competitors. Results for privately booked questions remain the sole property of these clients.

As an example, clients can book private questions on who respondents view as the top three companies in their industry, or whether respondents have seen an ad for any of their products in the past six months.

Clients will also have the opportunity to see whether respondents answered questions differently depending on which forms of media they were exposed to; for example the daily newspaper they read most or radio station they listed to the most.

The company said that there are still a few question spots left and encourages anyone with an interest to book by 10 February.

One of the key features of the Tower Omnibus is the extent to which it ensured random sampling to gain maximum representation of the Cayman Islands population.

Tower reported that the first survey performed extremely well when comparing basic demographics such as nationalities, work permit holders etc against official statistics.

The company uses a computer programme to create a randomly generated list of over 30,000 telephone numbers to choose from. These numbers included every prefix issued by the local telecoms authority to capture both fixed lines as well mobile phones in the Cayman Islands.

Anyone interested in booking questions on the Tower Omnibus Survey can contact Cindy Jones of Tower at 946 6000.