Poll: Relaxing at home a favourite

More than two out of every five respondents to the latest caycompass.com online poll said their favourite thing to do on a day off with no chores was to stay home and relax.

‘Sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I read, sometimes I do crossword puzzles,’ said one of the 124 (43.2 per cent) people who preferred relaxing at home. ‘All of the above lower my stress levels so I can face another work week.’

‘It’s too expensive to go out and do things here anymore,’ complained someone else.

Another 68 respondents (23.7 per cent) said their favourite thing to do on a day off with no chores was to go to the beach or pool.

‘Chess and cool drinks by the beach under the trees with friends,’ said one person.

Forty-one people enjoy fishing or watersports the most on a day off.

‘Fishing, fishing, fishing,’ said one person.

‘Take the boat out,’ said another person.

‘Go fishing so I can save money and farming where I can make money,’ said someone else.

Going to a bar and socialising was the favourite activity of 22 respondents (7.7 per cent).

An additional 17 people (5.9 per cent) said their favourite thing to do was something else.

‘Spend time with family and friends,’ said one person.

‘Shopping,’ said another person.

‘Golf,’ said another.

‘That would be the Sabbath,’ said someone else. ‘Rest, worship, worship and rest. It’s unplugging the business around me and giving thanks to the Lord and resetting myself for a new toiling week.’

Not everyone gets a day off.

‘A day off with no chores; what’s that?’ said one respondent.

‘I never have a day off with no chores,’ said one woman. ‘I guess this question is for your male readers.’

‘Every day there is a list of chores to do around the house – groceries, laundry, tidying up the house, washing dishes, and oh, did I forget cooking? Not to mention doing something in the yard – like mowing.’