Greenlight Re supports Junior Achievement

Greenlight Reinsurance Ltd. recently presented Junior Achievement with a cheque for CI$1,500, representing sponsorship for Junior Achievement’s Economics for Success program kits for the 2006/07 school year.

‘Greenlight Reinsurance Ltd. acknowledges its responsibility to be a truly engaged social partner and to give back to the local community in which GLRe operates,’ stated a release from the company.

‘One of the challenges JA has encountered is being able to offer the program to all of the classes who wish to receive it. This is due to difficulty finding a sufficient number of facilitators to deliver the program and the cost of the program kits. I am therefore very grateful to Greenlight Re for their sponsorship; it is a wonderful contribution to the education of today’s youth,’ said Dominique Chenier, member of the JA Board of Directors, and overseer of the Economics for Success program.

From pop-up ads to text messages and e-mails, kids are encouraged to spend their money – or their parents’ money – like never before. Today’s youth are tempted to make more and more economic decisions, and students now have the opportunity to learn financial literacy and career planning skills thanks to Junior Achievement’s program called JA Economics for Success. The program teaches students the importance of budgeting, responsible credit management, benefits of a college education, and how to maximize their financial decisions.

The curriculum consists of various activities that broaden students’ horizons through financial simulations with real world applications, including the steps in decision-making, understanding the cost of credit, opportunities provided by different jobs, and how to be a savvy shopper.

‘More than ever, students need to build a strong foundation of skills to help them in the workplace, and in life. JA Economics for Success teaches middle grade students how to devise a budget, manage credit, and weigh the pros and cons of education and career decisions that they will face throughout life,’ commented Ms Chenier.

During the 2005/06 school year, the program was delivered at Triple C School, St. Ignatius Catholic School and George Hicks.

JA Economics for Success explores personal finance and students’ education and career options based on their skills, interests, and values. The program enhances students’ learning of the following concepts and skills:

Concepts – Credit • Debt • Decision-making • Gross income • Insurance • Interest • Needs and wants • Net income • Opportunity cost • Risk • Self-knowledge • World of work

Skills – Critical thinking • Interpreting data • Math calculations • Oral and written communication • Problem-solving • Role-playing • Self-assessment • Working in groups

The concepts and skills are taught in a fun and appealing manner to the students. In addition to the engaging classroom curriculum, JA Economics for Success includes take-home materials for students: a newsletter with activities for parents and students to work through together, and a CD-ROM containing Plan Your Future!, a role-playing game where students are challenged to make important financial decisions affecting their future, such as whether to pursue higher education, how much to spend on a house and a car, and devising a monthly budget. The material stimulates the students to think more about their future and also teaches them how important it is to be financially sound.

Volunteers are being sought as facilitators for the program. The program is expected to begin in mid-February. Volunteers will only be asked to give up one hour a week for four weeks. No experience is required and the Economics for Success kits contain everything needed for each session.


To receive further information about Economics for Success or to volunteer as a facilitator please contact Dominique Chenier by email at [email protected] or contact the Junior Achievement office directly by phoning 949-4306 or by email at [email protected]