Seven drunk driving arrests

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has arrested a number of suspected drunk drivers over the past several days.

On Monday night, 29 January, three drivers were arrested along West Bay Rd. as part of ‘Operation Clamp Down’, carried out by the RCIPS Traffic Management Unit and officers from the George Town police station.

Late Friday, 26 January, and into early Saturday police made four arrests in George Town for DUI.

The seven suspects ranged in age from 25 to 51 years old; the majority of them were men.

RCIPS spokesperson Deborah Denis said the arrests represented an ‘unusually high number’ of DUI cases, especially those that occurred on Monday night.

‘It is once again disappointing to see so many people getting behind the wheel after drinking,’ Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan said. ‘We will continue to target drivers who flout the law this way.’