Permit offender ‘helping out’

A woman who pleaded guilty to receiving money for a work permit told the court she was just helping out a mother and son.

Dorothy Winnifred Stone, who holds Caymanian status, said the mother had asked for help because her son did not have any place to stay in Jamaica.

She admitted receiving $525 from the young man in June 2005.

Crown Counsel Laura Manson said Stone was interviewed following the complaint of an employee that she had been collecting money to go toward immigration fees.

The employee said he gave $200 to his mother, who gave it to Stone. Then a further $525 was handed over to Stone.

She in turn asked the mother to go to immigration and make the payment. The payment was made and a receipt issued.

Stone was interviewed and admitted asking the mother to make the payment, but she denied asking for the money.

The matter came to court in 2006. Stone pleaded guilty to receiving the $525 and the charge relating to $200 was left on file.

Magistrate Nova Hall imposed a fine of $800, with a term of 60 days in default of payment.

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