Something good brewing

Coffee lovers, who like to punctuate their days with steamy mugs of coffee and are choosy about what they drink, need ook no further than Paperman’s Coffee House.

Located at the Strand, Cayman’s newest bean shop has been winning over customers by word-of-mouth since opening three months ago.

The cafe, which comfortably seats 40, provides a tempting range of flavourful blends in a relaxed and intimate setting.

‘We pride ourselves in being Cayman’s only direct trade coffee house meaning that we source our coffee at farm level,’ says Managing Partner Paul Storey.

‘This ensures that our coffee is always high quality’.

It is no accident that the store enjoys a strong relationship with its US supplier Intelligensia Coffee. The distributor recently won the coveted Roaster of the Year 2007 award as selected by Roast Magazine.

The partnership, not only ensures access to the best coffee across the globe, it guarantees that the weekly shipments flown in from Chicago are really fresh.

Paul is proud of the fact that Paperman’s coffee arrives just three to five days after roasting. That is no mean feat considering that beans only retain peak freshness for two weeks once they’ve been roasted.

Compare that with coffees from retail outlets which claim to have a shelf life of months rather than days.

‘I think we’re plugging a gap in the market, which is increasingly strident in sourcing better quality and therefore more aromatic coffees,’ Paul suggested.

Bulk buying in great volumes is anathema to Paper men. Its owners have embraced the concept of serving customers with the quality of coffee they want by ordering modest amounts weekly.

The coffee shop prefers to boutique buy small amounts of five or six outstanding coffees rather than bulk buying less consistent varieties.

Paperman’s also offers a one-drip brew on a daily basis which is sourced each week from such far flung places as Ethiopia and Brazil.

A current favourite is Paperman’s 12 ounce Caffe Latte. ‘This is like the Rolls Royce of what we offer,’ says Paul.

‘Other coffees we find go down well with locals are our Iced Caffe Lattee’s and our Frappucinos.’

Organic tea blends and home-baked cookies, banana bread, muffins and scones are also served fresh daily. The coffee shop also offers lunch specials daily to eat in or to go.

Having secured a foothold in the local coffee house market not only meant providing superior brews but a relaxing environment to drink them in, Paul suggests.

Once the owners had done their research it was a no-brainer. The market, was already well-served with European-style coffee house, and had ample room for a coffee house with a truly local flavour.

‘We set out to infuse a tropical feel to Paperman’s and instinctively chose Plantation-style accents for our 1,300 sq. ft. interior,’ Paul remarked.

‘We’ve embraced the whole look including having the front bar’s shutter back lit and bamboo wainscoting’. Other features which nod towards the Caribbean feel of the store include ceramic tiling, comfy leather armchairs, ceiling fans and dark wood panelling.’

Paperman’s service style, Paul says, is fast-casual which he suggests is very popular in North America catering circles.

It gives clients the benefits of quick ordering at the till with the indulgence of waiter service complete with ceramic cups, silver flatware and prompt table side clear away.

Though encouraging clients to stay a while isn’t a problem, Paperman’s also offers customers, who want to liner over their coffee, free wireless Internet service and daily copies of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

So whether you want a coffee with a trunk full of taste, or a leisurely drink of something smooth and indulgent Paperman’s Coffee House could be a good bet for a great brew.

Paperman’s Coffee House is open Monday through Friday form 6am to 6pm and on Sunday from 8am to 2pm.