Kaibo unveils Mardi Gras Love Generation

Mardi Gras 2007 is once again right around the corner and, as per usual, is shaping up to be one of the largest events of the year in Cayman, organizers say.

The team has been assembled, the theme agreed and the blueprints are built for ‘Mardi Gras 2007: Love Generation’ on Ash Wednesday, 21 February.

What started in 1999 as a few hundred people milling at the sunny North Side beach bar has transformed into a full-fledged music fest of pleasure-seeking locals, residents and visitors.

While much of Mardi Gras is born from the creative team at Kaibo, it still takes many pages from the famed New Orleans festival from which it gets its name.

Revelers sport strands of colorful beads, drop them from balconies and imbibe in plentiful food, drink and music throughout the day.

‘Mardi Gras has grown beyond our expectations,’ Daniel Petts of Kaibo said. ‘This year’s theme – Love Generation – is a celebration of everything Mardi Gras symbolizes. I assure loyal Mardi Gras fans they will be thrilled with what we have planned for this year.’

For 2007, Kaibo has sought out the promotional armor behind four of the island’s top radio stations.

For the first time in their collective histories, the teams from Vibe 98.9, Spin 94.9, Rooster 101.9 and Z99 will combine to form one promotional powerhouse for the event. Additional partners include premier sponsor Corona and The Caymanian Compass.

‘I think everyone involved is excited about the partnership,’ said Searlina Bodden of Paramount Media, which operates Vibe 98.9 and Spin 94.9 FM. ‘This is going to be a huge event.’

Each year, Mardi Gras presents a theme, encouraging revelers to dress up within it and which guides the overall look of the event. This year, Mardi Gras 2007: Love Generation is a simple concept encouraging love, peace and freedom. Mardi Gras lovers are encouraged to come in their best 70s-style, hippie dress.

‘Whether it’s peace signs, bell bottom or go-go boots, we want people to embrace the theme ‘Love Generation’,’ Ms Bodden said. ‘Essentially, we are celebrating peace, freedom and tolerance. That’s the real theme.’

Working along with Craig Urchyshyn of One World Promotions, the musical lineup for Mardi Gras will feature local rock bands, nightclub DJs and radio personalities. So far, Notch and Local Motion, Ratskyn, DJ Presser, DJ Alexi of Spin 94.9 FM and DJ Johnny Mack of The Next Level Nightclub have all been added to the bill.

Craig Urchyshyn of One World Promotions, entertainment coordinator for Mardi Gras, is confident this year’s lineup will impress.

‘This year’s Mardi Gras expresses our main goal of bringing something better to the table each year. The original DJs that everyone has counted on to deliver the best party tunes will be present and a special guest foreign DJ will be revealed during the ‘over-drive’ segment of the evening after 9pm,’ he said. ‘Adding Cayman’s top reggae and rock bands to the main-stage promises to make this year’s event even wilder, more entertaining, and more diverse than previous years’.’

The most sought-after item at any Mardi Gras is, of course, the VIP tickets for the upstairs lounge, which overlooks the stage, crowd and venue. They go on sale in just days and, for the first time ever, are all-inclusive. VIP revelers will have unlimited beverages and finger foods in the VIP section from 12pm until 4pm, so get there early. Cost is just $100.

A ferry will run hourly round-trip from Safehaven dock to Kaibo throughout the day.

For more information on Mardi Gras tickets and ferry times, phone 947-9975. Tune into the official radio stations for Mardi Gras, Vibe 98.9, Spin 94.9, Z99 and Rooster 101.9.