Stipends for Gov’t bidders

Two unsuccessful bidders on the Government office accommodation project will receive stipends of $100,000 each for their efforts.

Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said the design and build process that is being used to build the project was not the usual one used here whereby the design work was tendered out and then contractors were given bill of quantities to prepare their bids.

‘It involves a lot more work to get to the point where they can get their bids in,’ he said. ‘Cabinet accepts that it will be a fairly costly exercise to each of the bidders to produce the quality of bid we’re looking for.’

Mr. Tibbetts said giving a stipend for design and build bids is the industry norm outside of Cayman. ‘It is widely accepted because of the cost involved to prepare the bid,’ he said.

Although the stipend is considerable, it will not cover the entire costs of preparing a bid, Mr. Tibbetts said.

‘It costs a fair amount more than that to prepared design-build bits,’ he said.

When asked if the contractors who are bidding on the project were happy with the amount offered as a stipend, Mr. Tibbetts responded: ‘They’re much happier than had there been no stipend.’

Three pre-qualified contractors are bidding on the project which will be the first of two government office accommodation buildings. This one will be built on the land adjacent to the current Glass House Government Administration Building, which will eventually be razed.

The companies preparing bids include a joint venture between Arch and Godfrey and Manhattan Construction, along with architects Spillis Candela from Miami and Burns Conolly Design Group; Hadsphaltic International along with Perkins and Will Architects; and McAlpine Ltd. along with OBM Architects.

It is envisaged that the building will be completed by mid-2009, Mr. Tibbetts has said in the past.