Daniel Reid nominated for YCLA

Editor’s note: The Young Caymanian Leadership Awards will be held 17 February. The Caymanian Compass will feature each of the five nominees throughout this week.

1. What was your initial reaction to the news of becoming one of the five finalists for the 2007 Young Caymanian Leadership Awards?

Daniel Reid

Daniel Reid

My initial reaction was one of utter shock and disbelief. But after my initial feelings,

I felt humbled and a keen sense of gratitude to the individualindividuals who saw it fit to put forth a nomination on my behalf for the YCLA award. They’re are many other young caymanians who are equally deserving of such an award, so I was truly honored to have made the final five.

2. Who has inspired you most in your life and how did they do that?

Mohandas K. Gandhi led India to independence in 1946. Not through any great war or battle, but by peaceful and persistent protest for equal rights and independence. Gandhi mobilized an entire nation to change without any direct power or office. But with the power of a vision and the resolve to see his dream of a better India come to fruition. ‘The power of the mind, is greater than the power of the sword.’ Gandhi’s ability to affect such change in a nation using a non violent approach set the tone for other great leaders to follow.

3. Define Leadership.

Leadership is simply the ability to affect change through others by influence and persuasion. Leaders who empower followers to become leaders inculcate in their followers a sense of pride and inclusion in the intended goal or mission. In addition, for a leader to develop leaders amongst ones followers is the definition of true leadership in that people development of a group, organization, or society ensures that the mission or purpose of the leader or group is realized.

4. What does it mean to you to become a finalist for the 2007 YCLA?

Having been named as one of the final five YCLA winners for 2007 bears a tremendous amount of responsibility. Making the final five list of winners solidifies the communities and YCLA award’s board of directors confidence in my abilities and accomplishments to deem me as young caymanian leader. In addition, I am now a role model for up and coming young caymanian leaders. I proudly accept the responsibility and hope only that other young caymanians will see something in my accomplishments that they would like to model in their own respective lives.