Jellico Quay to set up neighbourhood watch

Residents in Jellico Quay in Governors Harbour are leading the way for their neighbours when it comes to tackling crime in their area.

On Monday, 29 January a meeting was held between residents and their local beat officer, PC Steve Myers, to discuss plans for a Neighboured Watch Committee to be implemented.

Also attending was Inspector Patrick Beersingh, Sergeant Everton Spence, and PC Cornelious Pompey.

A presentation was made to inform those attending how Neighbourhood Watch operates and the level of commitment that is required to make it a success, said a RCIPS press release.

‘The meeting was well attended by residents and they were very enthusiastic about starting the scheme which was great to see,’ said PC Steve Myers.

‘Neighbourhood Watch can work very effectively but only if it is administered correctly and has the support of the whole community.’

The Jellico Quay area will operate as a pilot scheme for all the quays in Governors Harbour and it is hoped that soon they will be able to operate as one network connected via email, newsletters and meetings.

Crime prevention advice was also given in relation to keeping homes and property secure following a series of burglaries that have taken place in the area.

Residents were reminded to keep their doors and windows locked and to ensure their boats and garden equipment are secure. Letters outlining this advice have also been sent to other homes in the area.

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Jellico Quay for their support and I look forward to meeting and helping the residents on other quays in the Governors harbour area,’ added PC Myers. ‘I can be contacted on 916-5463 if you have any questions or concerns.’