Prince sees Cayman at play

Who knew? For such a small country, the Cayman Islands looked mighty big on Saturday at Government House as various sports association came together. For the first time ever the governor of the Cayman Islands hosted an exhibition of sports at his home.

Young Caymanian cricket stars

Young Caymanian cricket stars showed off their skills on the grounds of the Governor’s home Saturday.
Photo: Guy P. Harrison

Numerous local sports were represented. Included were: cricket, boxing, martial arts (Purple Dragon), squash, football, swimming, rugby, track and field, tennis, sailing, badminton, basketball, netball and others.

A stroll through by Prince Edward highlighted the event as it gave local sports enthusiasts the opportunity to meet him and chat about their various sports passions.

Wray Banker, one of the all-time dominant players in local badminton, was not content to simply shake Prince’s hand. With no fears of causing an international incident, Banker vigorously coaxed the reluctant royal into taking up a racquet and having a go at the elusive shuttlecock. Prince Edward clearly enjoyed taking a few swings.

Prince Edward seemed impressed by the diverse collection of sports currently thriving in the Cayman Islands. Several attendees of Saturday’s event said they were impressed and hopeful that it would become an annual event.