Be careful what you wish for

As an American who has visited Grand Cayman many times during the past 19 years, I respectfully take issue with Donovon Kellyman’s recent letter praising Fidel Castro and his Communist administration and accomplishments.

Be careful what you wish for Donovon!

Dictatorships can be very efficient and do wonderful things quickly for their associates, as in Cuba’s case, where they accept millions of dollars in aid annually from host Communist associates, Russia, China and other communists.

As Donovon suggests, ‘Cuba has managed to build an economy that has quickly become the darling of the region’?

Building an economy on foreign handouts is a house built on sand where I come from!

If things within this darling country are so wonderful as Donovon claims, why year after year do so many Cuban families risk their lives to flee to the United States?

This darling Cuban government and its financial hosts come to their citizens with two curses, no belief in God and no personal freedom!

Other than these two minor shortcomings, I suppose we all should join their political ranks?

I doubt many Caymanians our family have met over the years here would trade places with Cubans living on that island, even with Ivan’s impact.

Ken Benjamin

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