Cuba gov’t full of deceit

Donovan Kellyman’s nationalistic attitude for Cayman is commendable, but this enthusiasm about the Cuban nation seems a bit inappropriate.

His youth (he mentioned being younger than many of those with the opinions he is talking about) may give him a fresh and neutral perspective on the subject, but with that his youth promises some ignorance on the subject.

I know, because I am a 23-year-old citizen of the United States and I’ve identified the same strength and weakness in my perspective.

I am a first-generation American born to Cuban parents. Before judgements are passed about my political leanings, I’m quite liberal and moved from Miami to the San Francisco Bay Area to get away from Cuban exile politics.

I’ve been studying Cuban history and studying about the revolution. I agree that it is true that Cuban society has improved in certain areas after Fidel Castro took command.

They implemented a command economy, which brings about quick change, and had Soviet aid to sustain them. They used Soviet aid, supplies, and money to attempt industrialization of the nation. A standard education system was started.

Besides the major human rights violations you may be thinking of, the government keeps a tight grip on the lives of citizens, and although the nation is better off generally than some other Caribbean nations, you probably wouldn’t want to live in Cuba.

A career in journalism would be nearly impossible.

The freedom to voice dissident opinions of the government does not exist, so the people cannot campaign to improve the government; ironically, since it was the people’s revolution and Castro represents the will of the people.

The government does its best, although difficult with the technological advances in communication since the revolution, to isolate the people, and keep them complacent.

The world gets one version of the news, and Cuban people are delivered their own censored version of it. The government is full of deceit and there isn’t anyone to call them on it.

Not to say that Americans should move in as soon as Castro dies, or if the regime falls. I’m terrified of corporate America taking my family’s homeland and raping it.

Armando Garcia