TeleCayman starts the winter co-ed league with a convincing victory

An exciting game took place on Tuesday in the “A” division of the Co-ed softball programme at the Field of Dreams as Cayman Coolers clashed with Team TeleCayman.

From the start it was evident that this was going to be a battle of two powerhouse teams. Cayman Coolers struck the first blow in the top of the first inning bringing in three runs to take an early lead.

TeleCayman kept its composure and answered back in the bottom of the second inning when Marlon Thomas hit an inside-the-park homerun. By the end of the second inning Cayman Coolers lead was cut down to one run.

However Cayman Coolers being one of the best veteran teams in the league kept the pressure on and again widened the lead in the top fourth inning with an inside-the-park home run by Laurie Moncrieffe.

With the score 4-2 in favor of Cayman Coolers, it was clear that TeleCayman needed to step up to the plate and start producing runs. They did so in the bottom of the fifth inning as TeleCayman started the inning with an in-the-park home run by Bradley Robinson. Unfortunately for Cayman Coolers this opened the flood gates as Armando Robinson followed with a massive homerun to tie the game at four all.

TeleCayman quickly took the lead and never looked back as Raul Nicholson-Coe followed with an in-the-park home run, which was followed by a second towering home run by Bradimir Robinson.

By the bottom of the sixth inning TeleCayman had a commanding lead as Osmar Myles closed the inning with another in the park home run.

The game ended in the top of the seventh inning with a final score of 10-5, giving TeleCayman a sound victory.

Raul Nicholson-Coe, TeleCayman’s President and COO, who landed one of the home runs, commented on the game, ‘It was a great game,’ he said. ‘It took me back to my childhood days in Nicaragua. I was 10 years old and every day I would look forward to getting home from school so that I could play ball.’

Raul also played on Cayman’s national team in the 90’s. With a veteran softballer on their side, Team TeleCayman will be the team to watch this season.