Mardi Gras around the corner

The famed VIP tickets for Mardi Gras – happening this Wednesday at Kaibo – went on sale last weekend and they have been blowing out of outlets on the Seven Mile strip, a press release said.

Organizers emphasize that entrance into the main party is free, as always. Reportedly, bonuses in the VIP make it worth trekking to any of the outlets for pre-sold tickets. The tickets are moving quickly and the bird’s eye view of Kaibo at Mardi Gras is reason enough to buy in.

‘The cost of $100 includes all-inclusive bar and food until 4pm,’ Daniel Petts of Kaibo said. ‘This is a first for us and we are glad to offer it, as it is a simple alternative for those that don’t want to be dragging cash around the party with them all afternoon.’

The Mardi Gras VIP ticket entitles the holder to a veritable treasure chest of ‘Mardi Memorabilia’. Along with the all-inclusive bar and food bonus, holders get a limited edition tee-shirt, coozie, hat, bead supply and disposable camera.

The theme for this year’s event is Mardi Gras: Love Generation’. According to Mr. Petts, the theme can be interpreted many different ways. For the purposes of the organizers, it means celebrating the global village. All nationalities are encouraged to bring their flags, wear their country’s colours and even embrace the ‘free-love’ fashion of the seventies – peace signs, bell bottoms and go-go girls.

For 2007, Kaibo has sought out the promotional armor behind four of the island’s top radio stations. For the first time in their collective histories, the teams from Vibe 98.9, Spin 94.9, Rooster 101.9 and Z99 will combine to form one promotional powerhouse for the event. This effectively means partiers can multiply all the elements of Mardi Gras – DJs, personalities, music, and giveaways – by four. Additional partners include premier sponsor Corona and The Caymanian Compass. Corona will feature thousands of giveaways including tee-shirts, hats, flip flops, coozies and more.

Working along with Craig Urchyshyn of One World Promotions, Mr. Petts has built a rollicking musical line-up for Mardi Gras featuring local rock bands, nightclub DJs and radio personalities. So far, Notch and Local Motion, Ratskyn, DJ Presser, DJ Alexi of Spin 94.9 FM and DJ Johnny Mack of The Next Level Nightclub have all been added to the bill.

A free ferry will run hourly round-trip from Safehaven dock to Kaibo throughout the day for Mardi Gras 2007.

For more information on Mardi Gras tickets and ferry times, phone 947-9975. Tune into the official radio stations for Mardi Gras, Vibe 98.9, Spin 94.9, Z-99 and Rooster 101.9.