Firstcaribbean Supports Little League Team

FirstCaribbean International Bank has stepped up to bat for the Cayman Islands Little League. The bank’s sponsorship provides team members with uniforms and equipment, giving many children and parents relief of financial fees necessary to join Little League.

Philip Swenerton, Head of Corporate Banking, said, ‘It is our pleasure to support the Little League and encourage all youth to participate in sports.’

The Assistant Coach for the FirstCaribbean Team, Richard McMillan also expressed his gratitude. ‘On behalf of the Little League, we are very grateful for the support of FirstCaribbean.

‘Their sponsorship has fulfilled the desire of many youth who wanted to participate in Little League, but could not afford the cost of uniforms and equipment.’

Currently practicing for this year’s season, the first game for the FirstCaribbean Little League team is on Saturday, 24 February at the Field of Dreams.