Bush claims CAL exec forced out

During a public blasting of the PPM government Tuesday evening in West Bay, opposition leader McKeeva Bush claimed former CEO and President of Cayman Airways Mike Adam had been pushed out of his post.

Mr. Bush charged that more senior level Caymanians are losing their jobs under the current government than ever in the history of these islands.

Mr. Bush specifically mentioned Mr. Adam, who was present at the meeting, and alleged that the former CEO was fired by Cayman Airways, when he should have been awarded another MBE for his work.

In October 2006 a press release was issued by the Cayman Islands government announcing Mr. Adam’s retirement, set for December 2006.

But Mr. Bush said he had knowledge that Mr. Adam was forced out of his position.

‘Mike Adam is a veteran and he was Mr. Cayman Airways if ever there was one. And what did they do with him?’ he asked.

‘And they come back and want to tell you that he went off by himself, but I know that that is not so, and I hope that the truth comes out because the public needs to know,’ Mr. Bush said.

‘You can’t take someone that’s there for 40 years in a job and put him where he’s going to be under the people – the subordinate. Can you imagine?

‘And then giving him a salary where he cannot even pay his bills. So what are they doing? They are forcing him out. That’s what they are doing.’

Mr. Bush also alleged that staff at Cayman Airways are being victimised and intimidated. ‘And then they have the audacity to tell lie after lie and the poor staff can’t open their mouth because they tell the staff ‘if you open your mouth you’re gone’. Talk about victimisation and intimidation.’

Mr. Bush said he had never seen the staff of CAL with such low morale as exists today, and that since Hurricane Ivan they have been working under extreme hardships, noting that the employees and administration still perform admirably.

‘We owe these dedicated employees more than they are getting,’ he said.

Mr. Bush added that the new reservation system should have been a seamless transition for staff and customers. ‘However, due to the fragmentation of the management team under the current crew and Ministry there appeared to be a serious lack of leadership during this critical period that led to serious flight delays that led to tremendous embarrassment and discomfort for staff and major inconvenience for the public,’ he said.

Chairperson of the Board of Cayman Airways Angelyn Hernandez could not be reached for comment by press time.

A new CEO Patrick Strasburger, a veteran airline executive from the US, along with VP Commercial John Wrightington were announced for CAL last week.