Cayman Squash Championships

Over a hundred players entered the Cayman Islands National Squash Championships, sponsored by Massive Equipment Rentals and Sales, which concluded recently. Dean Watson and Caroline Chaloner are the new national champions both winning their finals fairly comfortably. The final results are as follows:

Men’s A division
Winner:Dean Watson
Runner up: David Finch
Men’s B division
Winner:Ray Farrington
Runner up:Allan Wight

Men’s C division
Winner: Simon Cawdrey
Runner up: Chris Mann
Ladies A division
Winner: Caroline Chaloner
Runner up: Pat McCallam
Ladies B division
Winner: Pearlina M. Lumsden
Runner up: Andrea Singh
Veterans (40+)
Winner: Valdis Foldats
Runner up: John Cameron
Super Veterans (50+)
Winner: Ian Patrick
Runner up: Jay Schutte

The next major local tournament will be National Junior Squash Championships 2007, which is being sponsored by Kirk’s Home Office. The tournament will run from Friday

27 to Sunday 29 April and there will be 3 divisions A, B and C, based on a Monrad system, as follows.

A = All Elite players

B = Intermediate group

C = Beginner group

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