Mr. Scott leaves NRA

The National Roads Authority’s first Managing Director Colford Scott has retired effective this past Saturday.

‘Members of the National Roads Authority Board are indebted to Colford for his steady, assuring style of management, and his accomplishments,’ said Board Chairman Lemuel Hurlston. ‘We wish him a long, healthy and happy retirement and thank him sincerely for his service.’

A civil engineer, Mr. Scott has dedicated much of his professional career to public works in general, and to roads in particular. He has more than 32 years of public service to the Cayman Islands, states a press release.

Most of those years were spent with the Public Works Department; he was its department head and chief engineer when he was transferred to the NRA post. Before PWD, Mr. Scott worked with the Department of Vehicles and Equipment Services, where he served as head of department for four years.

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