More competition for telecoms

Two more companies are hoping to make a big splash in the telecommunications industry.

One of those companies, EOCG Wireless (Cayman) Limited has applied for a new licence, while the other, Blue Sky Wireless Ltd., already has a licence but has applied to acquire the broader ranging licence of another existing licensee.

‘We’re the only Caymanian-owned telecom company in the Cayman Islands,’ said Gene Thompson, one of the owners of Blue Sky Wireless.

The Information and Communications Technology Authority called for comments from the public on both applications, something which Acting Managing Director Mark Connors said is standard procedure.

Those comments were due by last week. Mr. Connors said that if any comments were received, they would be provided to the applicants so they could respond.

‘It’s not mandatory to reply, but we certainly want to give them an opportunity to reply,’ Mr. Connors said.

EOCG Wireless wishes to provide mobile telephony and associated handsets, internet service and video on demand.

Blue Sky Wireless wants to expand its services by acquiring all of the material elements of the CaymanOne licence. Blue Sky and CaymanOne have already reached an agreement on the transaction, subject to ICTA approval.

‘Basically, we’re buying their equipment and [licence] spectrum,’ said Dale Creighton, another one of the owners of Blue Sky Wireless.

Mr. Creighton said the agreement reached between CaymanOne and Blue Sky was a fair deal.

‘I’d like to say we did OK,’ he said. ‘I think it worked out for both parties.’

Mr. Creighton said Blue Sky began offering roaming services late last year and it they now provides it to the US.-based telecom companies Verizon and Sprint.

CaymanOne’s licence allows for wide range of services, including fixed wireless, mobile and internet services and the retail sale of telecom equipment. CaymanOne had also planned on providing video on demand services.

However, Blue Sky will not undertake to provide all of the services CaymanOne intended to provide, at least not initially, said Mr. Creighton.

One thing Blue Sky will provide if the ICTA approves its application is mobile telephone service.

Blue Sky plans to use retail dealers to sell their services rather than opening retail stores as was planned by CaymanOne, Mr. Creighton said. The company will, however, take over some of the office space at Mirco Centre that houses CaymanOne’s equipment.

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