Man hits grandmother, sentenced

Gets 60 days in prison

Punching his grandmother put Randy James Bodden in prison for 60 days.

Bodden, 26, pleaded guilty to assaulting her on two occasions, days apart.

Magistrate Nova Hall took into account his guilty pleas, remorse and his apology to his grandmother.

Crown Counsel Tanya Lobban said the first offence occurred on 10 March. Bodden, who lived in the same yard as his grandmother, went to her house upset. He claimed money was missing and he started blaming others.

The grandmother, who is 82, was sitting under a tree in the yard. She said she had nothing to do with the missing money, but he kept yelling. He punched her in the arm and then in the chest. He grabbed the front of her dress and reached down, apparently thinking the money was hidden there.

A police officer spoke to her several days later, but she did not want her grandson arrested.

On the evening of 16 March, while the grandmother was in bed, Bodden entered her room and punched her in the leg with his fist. He left, then returned and punched her again, this time in the thigh.

Later he came back and told her he would no longer hit her because God spoke to him.

Again she did not report the matter.

Three days later a community development officer visited her in connection with a senior citizens outing. The grandmother showed the other woman her injuries and police were called.

The next day Bodden was interviewed and he admitted having a problem with alcohol.

Defence Attorney Neville Levy told the court his client was asking for help with his drinking.

Bodden might have said that some of the facts presented by the Crown were not so, but he could not because he was drunk at the time of the incidents, Mr. Levy said. Bodden did not want his grandmother coming to court.

He believed his uncle had taken his money and that was what had caused the incidents, Mr. Levy said.

The magistrate imposed 60-day sentences for each assault, but made them run concurrently.

She said it would be for Bodden to seek out one of the several Alcoholics Anonymous groups meeting around the island or he could attend the counselling centre when he was released.

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