Recyclers want your six-pack rings

The John Gray Recyclers Club is asking the public to help recycle plastic six-pack ring beverage can holders.

The collection of plastic six-pack holders helps to preserve the environment by keeping the plastic holders out of the George Town landfill, said Department of Environmental Health Public Education and Promotions Officer Tania Johnson. Once they get there, they take many years to decompose.

John Gray Recyclers

John Gray Recyclers, winners of the 2006 Jiminy Cricket Environmentality Challenge. Photo: Submitted

‘One of the spin-off benefits of recycling the holders is that it helps prevent harm to turtles and other marine life that may become entangled in them if they are not disposed of properly,’ Mrs. Johnson said.

The recycled holders are put to several uses.

JGRC Coordinator Christine Whitehead said Bodden Beverages reuses the six-pack rings.

‘The beverage company converts 12-pack cases of soda into the more popular six-pack cases. This reduces the number of holders the company orders from the US. Sometimes the company does not have to order holders at all.’

The company’s employees also benefit since recycled holders are much more flexible and easier to manipulate than the imported ones.

The John Gray Recyclers also contribute to global environmental preservation by sending some of the used six-pack holders to the United States where recycling enthusiast, Mrs. Iris Brand of Georgia, reuses the holders to create snowflakes. She initially contacted the recyclers through their website last year.

Anyone interested in making snowflakes or other works of recycled art may download a copy of Mrs Brand’s book America’s Buried Treasures at

She has dedicated 50 per cent of all proceeds to the John Gray Recyclers’ global environmental/educational projects.

The recyclers are planning a Cayman Islands version of Mrs. Brand’s book and are seeking assistance or sponsorship for this project. Individuals or businesses wanting to assist may contact Ms Whitehead at [email protected].

People may also assist by collecting and dropping six-pack holders either at Bodden Beverages or at the high school. Those opting for drop-off at the school should address their packages to the John Gray High School in care of Marguerita Thompson, secretary. Those unable to drop off packages may make arrangements for collection by emailing the club.

More information about this and other John Gray Recyclers’ projects can be found at .

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