More Cubans escape

As Cayman Islands authorities continued to search for two escaped Cuban migrants this week, two more managed to flee the Immigration Detention Centre in George Town early Thursday morning.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Kerry Nixon said the men got out sometime after midnight Thursday, but it is not certain exactly when the escape occurred.

Cuban espcapees

Cuban escapees. Clockwise from top left, Ms. Olivia Batista, Mr. Pedro Milan, Mr. Ramon Barrero and Mr. Raul Brinones.

The get away happened a week after more than a dozen Cuban migrants left the centre. All but two of them had been rounded up and placed back in detention by press time Thursday.

The two most recent escapees were identified as 39-year-old Pedro Hechavarria Milan and 41-year-old Ramon Trenal Barrero.

The man and woman who got out last week are 39 year old Raul Cardoso Brinones and 24-year-old Olivia Irsula Batista.

Ms Nixon said authorities couldn’t be certain, but they thought it was likely Brinones and Batista had managed to escape capture because they were receiving some kind of outside aid.

‘At least the two that are out there now, it makes you wonder if somebody isn’t harbouring them,’ Ms. Nixon said. ‘Would they be able to stay at large for so long?’

Anyone aiding a person who illegally lands in, or departs from the Cayman Islands can face a $50,000 fine and up to seven years in prison if convicted.

Both escapes occurred at a time when the Immigration Detention Centre was housing some 50 migrants awaiting repatriation to Cuba. Chief Immigration Officer Franz Manderson has said that’s more than the centre is usually required to hold.

Mr. Manderson said there have been delays recently in processing some of the Cuban migrants for their return journey.

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